Cognitive Machine Learning Solution

franck.AI’s machine learning software ProductionPerfect has a new learning and operation concept for Artificial Intelligence.  


Our Unique selling points:  

  • Automatically translating expert knowledge into Artificial 

Intelligence algorithm, 

  • Flexible and scalable to process adaptions or further use cases.


We build up premium AI solutions. We accelerate your business! 

Why franck.AI ?

ProductionPerfect gives precise recommendations based on few training data by including Expert Knowledge as a main source of information. 

    • Integration of expert knowledge means fast setup of artificial intelligence use cases. 
    • Flexible and scalable algorithm means even faster adaptation to further use cases. 

ProductionPerfect is available as a web application

With our web application customers can immediately see the predicted outcome and recommendations for their machines and/ or production processes. 


Dr. Ulrich Heller
Head of Software Development
“We have received excellent support from franck.AI to examine a complex question in depth. We have come to the conclusion that the combination of explicitly modeled expert knowledge and machine learning is powerful, especially where there is not a lot of training data with identical framework conditions. The results fully convinced us. We will definitely work together with franck.AI on other applications in order to achieve further optimizations”
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Sven Müller
Managing Director
“With the help of the AI technology used in ProductionPerfect, we can take the evaluation of the collected process parameters to the next level: dynamic real-time optimization of manufacturing processes!”
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Dr. Dieter Profunser
Head of Development
“franck.AI provides us with unique support in the R&D process through a systematic combination of engineering knowledge and data analysis. This has enabled us to successfully analyse existing relationships and actively accelerate the development of new products.”

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