Cognitive Machine Learning Solutions

Industry 4.0 and Artificial Intelligence are on everyone’s mind these days – we already have concrete and effective solutions in practice:


At franck.AI, we provide innovative software solutions combining machine learning and customer specific expert knowledge. Our concrete and effective solutions open up new business opportunities and optimization potentials specifically focussing on improved performance.

Combination of expert knowledge and machine learning.

Customer added value with franck.AI software solutions

  • Production Optimization with ProductionPerfect
  • Development Optimization with DevelopmentPerfect

Production Optimization

Every year, the manufacturing industry loses billions through waste, high material consumption and manual reworking.


The answer to this is the systematic combination of machine intelligence with process knowledge.


Our solution uses production data: Settings of the machines, measurements of the environment, the nature of paint components and much more. Our software ProductionPerfect also incorporates the experience of the process experts. Using existing data it calculates the unknown parameter values and machine settings required for a high quality component. Hence, making full use of dynamic optimization.

Development Optimization

Our software DevelopmentPerfect integrates expert knowledge as well as current product data, measurements and tests.


Using existing data, it calculates the unknown parameter values required for a high quality component with lowest possible cost.

Our Services

At franck.AI, we provide a range of services. From the identification of business opportunities to complete integrated software solutions.

Our AI Solution:

We developed the cognitive machine-learning software ProductionPerfect to dynamically optimize processes. ProductionPerfect calculates optimal settings in real-time.

Your Benefits

New Business Opportunities

In combination with data analytics and our range of services we generate new business opportunities for you.


New Growth Potential

Multiply your competitiveness with data analytics and create the decisive advantage.


Optimized Processes

High quality products and more efficient processes are achieved based on new insights.


Cost Saving-Benefits

Cost-saving benefits are achieved by improved product quality and reduced operating cost.


Environmental Benefits

A smart production reduces waste and energy consumption.


franck.AI empowers your future growth with data analytics.