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franck.AI is a young, innovative data science company founded by Dr. Isabell Franck. Our Munich-based company combines cutting edge research with industrial experience. Our customers are aiming to optimize automated, highly complex industrial production processes. We help our customers to generate an optimized production, reduce costs and achieve environmental benefits as well as to gain a competitive advantage.

Dr. Isabell Franck


Franck is an expert in data analysis and stochastic analysis which she systematically combines with engineering knowledge. She holds a doctorate in mechanical engineering. During her doctoral work as well as her studies at the University of California Berkeley (USA), Cambridge University (UK) and Technical University of Munich, she delved into the quantification of uncertainties, statistical models and parameter quantification.


Franck is also closely associated with universities, for example, teaching statistics for engineers as an external lecturer at the University of the Bundeswehr.


She additionally acquired industry experience at BMW, Siemens and medium-sized companies.

Besides giving talks and workshops for companies, Dr. Franck also regulary gets invited to symposiums and conferences.


Given talks (selection)


(Ingenieurwissen + Maschinendaten) * KI = Smarte Produktion VDI – Unternehmer und Führungskräfte – Themenabend (27. June 2019)


Mit Mensch und Maschine lernen – Eine systematische Verknüpfung von Ingenieurswissen und maschineller Intelligenz zur Optimierung der Produktion 26. Aachener ERP-Tage (6. June 2019)


From large scale inverse problems to the optimization under uncertainty WiDS Munich – Women in Data Science (21. March 2019)


From engineering to data science – the path to becoming founder of a software startup Keynote speaker – Female’s Favour{IT}e 2019 (16. March 2019)


Optimierung komplexer Produktionsprozesse mit KI VDI-fib-Themenabend (21. Nov. 2018)


Trends des maschinellen Lernens in der fertigenden Industrie HerCareer Expert Talk (11. Oct. 2018)


Lackierprozesse regeln durch Machine Learning Karosserielackierung Insight @ BMW 2018 (10./11. Sep. 2018)


IT-Optimierung komplexer Produktionsprozesse IHK-Unternehmerinnentag 2018 “Digital Business” (13. July 2018)


Alumni-Absolventenrede am Tag der Fakultät Maschinenwesen (13. July 2018)


Mit Mensch und Maschine lernen – eine systematische Verknüpfung von Ingenieurswissen und maschineller Intelligenz zur Optimierung der Produktion Automobil Produktion Congress (19. June 2018)