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Would you like to know which information is hidden in your data? Would you like to optimize your processes?

franck.AI offers you data science, AI solutions and the right advice to optimize your business!

Our AI Solution: Software ProductionPerfect

With our cognitive-machine-learning software ProductionPerfect we dynamically optimize production processes. ProductionPerfect calculates optimal settings for robots and machinery in real-time. It combines machine intelligence with engineering knowledge about, e.g., the process flow, functional connections and reasonable parameter ranges. As a result ProductionPerfect has a decisive advantage over classic machine learning approaches.



  • Individual real-time settings for each workpiece/ batch
  • Automated setpoint control for variational production processes
  • Dynamic adaption to changes in the production environment


ProductionPerfect is made for predictive (“what will happen?”) as well as for prescriptive analytics (“how can we/ our customer make it happen?”). Underlying uncertainties are incorporated in the calculations to meet the needs of complex environments.

Data Science, Data Science Consulting and Data Academy

After the identification of a sub-target we determine the relevant data and data readiness. In an iterative approach expert knowledge is mirrored, data science is applied and the use case validated.


Data Academy:

  • Training how to efficiently collect data for a data science project (DoE)
  • Introduction into machine learning algorithms (hands-on sessions)
  • Introduction into probability theory and statistics (hands-on sessions)
  • Key User training


We empower you to embed data science in your daily life.